PM Elective Classes

Sunday PM Elective Classes begin again in the Fall, 2020

Are you looking to grow deep in your knowledge of God’s Word? Are you looking to grow in respect to a particular issue or field of study? If so, please consider participating in one of our many PM Electives. Each class aims to help you by strengthening and sharpening an important area of Christian study and practice.

Please Note: ALL PM Electives meet Sunday evening from 6:00pm to 7:30pm!

The courses offered are aimed at helping each of us learn to apply God’s Word to all areas of our lives.  Please contact Pastor Chris Fritz (317.984.5552) if you have questions about any of the courses that are being offered.  Please note that each class size will be limited to the first 30 persons who sign up for the class.  Conversely, each class with an enrollment of less than eight persons may be cancelled.  It is our prayer that God will be magnified and glorified as you attend these courses and continue to grow in your faith!

Harbour Shores